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Lawn & Garden Services

Complete Landscape Services

Bayou Land Design is dedicated to providing quality service to commercial and residential clients in the Greater New Orleans and surrounding areas. For over 10 years, we have excelled in the field of landscaping and grounds maintenance. We offer a variety of services to meet the specific needs of our customers.
Landscape Design and Installation
Creating beautiful landscapes require designs that fit your taste and installations that fit your property. We work directly with our clients from inception to installation and beyond to make sure the finished landscape is both beautiful and enduring.
Grounds Maintenance

Help your landscape reach its full potential with regular care from Bayou Land Design.  We assist our clients in retaining the value of their investment by providing maintenance services that ensure the health and beauty of the landscape.


Water is a precious resource so we take great care in determining how much water is required to maintain your landscape.  We design and install irrigation systems (Rain Bird) that delivers the correct amount of water where it’s needed.


Half of the year is spent in the dark,  but your landscape doesn’t have to.  Bayou Land Design can create lighting schemes (VISTA Lighting) that will highlight the best features of your landscape and offer a sense of security for your property.


Grading and drainage is an often overlooked but very important part of any landscape design, but neglecting to implement a good drainage plan can lead to persistent puddles, lifeless plants and worse.  We survey everything from gutter runoff to local water tables and weather patterns to make certain that your landscape stays above water.

Tree Trimming
Trees are a vital part of any beautiful landscape and proper care is needed to keep them vibrant and healthy. Bayou Land Design offers tree trimming, pruning and thinning services to help your trees last for generations.

Adding stone, bricks or pavers add character and usability to your landscape.  We work with top-notch stonework specialists to install beautiful stone paths and accents to enhance your landscape.  We also install custom decks, gazebos and patios to extend your outdoor living space.

Water Features

Create a tranquil outdoor space by adding custom water features that soothe the senses.  We design and install ponds, fountains, and waterfalls that complement your landscape.